Karissa has been working in international education since 2006, when she returned from her first time studying abroad in Argentina. Over the years she has worked with short-term exchange program management, taught English in Thailand and Colombia, and advised students and scholars from all over the globe. She holds a BA in International Relations from University of California, Davis and an MA in Teaching International Languages from California State University, Chico.

In ISSS at Western, Karissa advises all international undergraduate, graduate, and exchange students. She loves getting to know more about each student's background and dreams for the future so that she can better support them while they are here. Advising covers so much more than immigration, and Karissa hopes students see her role as a resource for their academic and personal wellbeing.

When she is not working with international students and scholars, Karissa enjoys hiking, backpacking, and eating delicious food. Three of her favorite foods are sushi, Thai curry, and spicy Indian food. If you are interested in nearby hiking trails or restaurant recommendations, stop by Miller 212A for a chat!